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DIY Making PCB using Wax printing technique

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Everybody knows that outsourcing printed circuit board (PCB) manufacture is expensive and slow. Hey! it's time now, my friend, to design your own PCB's at home, not with the process that are fiddly, and notoriously difficult. Just check this video presented at 27C3 below:


At 27C3, the miracle of microfluidics within the modern consumer inkjet printer is presented, and how to push it to do new, exciting things. In his video, he talks about various industrial PCB manufacturing processes in a depth as well as he shared his progress towards an inexpensive PCB printer by reverse engineering Epson Inkjet technology.

Yes, it’s an Inkjet that can print wax onto copper clad board. The wax acts as a resist for chemical etchants, and provides very high resolution.

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