• ashish kumar

Toner Transfer method: Etch your PCB

The professional Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) may be very expensive if required in small quantities. While the cost of production is a great deterrent, for less than Rs.

1000 it is possible to etch your own PCB.

To start with you'll require common household items like :

  • Access to a Laser printer.

  • A sheet of photo gloss paper.

  • A fibre glass copper coated board.

  • Ammonium Persulphate or Ferric Chloride

  • A cloths iron.

  • Plastic containers.

  • 0.8mm 1.0mm and 1.2mm drill bits and a drill.

  • Pliers

  • A hacksaw

  • Acetone or methylated spirits.

  • Some Fine grit sandpaper or a scotchbrite pad.

Etching procedures using Toner Transfer method is shown below:

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